‘zaam’ CBD E-Liquids 1000mg

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The Vape range consists of 6 flavours, starting with the flavoured menthol e-liquid for a cooling hit,

For a fruit flavoured CBD e-liquid

Although none of our products contain any tobacco, represents the best option for a non-nicotine flavoured CBD e-liquid;

the fruit and menthol combination providing a mix of distinct taste and cooling relief for those trying to kick a cigarette habit.

All zaam  CBD products are completely legal in the UK and contain no THC, therefore have none of the psychoactive properties

that get you “high” the way traditional cannabis would.

The strength of our zaam CBD e-liquids ranges from 1000mg to 1000mg, 100ml bottle , giving you a wide selection in which to find the perfect product to fit your tastes.

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blackcurrant menthol, Blue Vimto (Bluvim), cherry Menthol, Fruit Pastilles, heisenz (heisenberg)


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